About Us
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Oscaffè (Pty) Ltd, part of Osca Italian Food Group, is a first class green bean coffee supplier, which imports Arabica beans direct from origin and supplies to coffee roasters worldwide.

Our main head office and warehouse are based in Italy where there is a huge coffee culture. For generations we have worked closely with many Italian roasters because we select and source them with the best green beans coming directly from Brazilian plantations.

Our choice on Brazilian beans is due to their unique aroma, flavour and consistency, which are the reasons why they are used by renowned espresso and cappuccino coffee makers globally. Many high quality espresso blends are made from Brazilian beans due to their mild and balanced flavour and also because they dark roast without turning overly bitter. These are the reasons why up to 90% of the coffee in an espresso blend is from Brazil.

Oscaffè favours and sells only certain Brazilian coffee beans’ types because these can doubtlessly contribute the delicacy, cleanly fruity and low acidity that are the hallmark of a fine and perfect single origin or mixed blend.

Oscaffè has just opened in South Africa to deliver high quality beans and to offer a unique, subtle and tasteful coffee experience. Therefore, we are the right answer for all those seeking excellence.

Who is Oscaffè?

Consuelo has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for coffee. She comes from Italy where coffee is so much about Italian culture and where many people cannot start their day without.

In Italy in fact fourteen billion espresso coffees are consumed each year and Italians consume approximately 3.7 Kg of coffee per capita.

While travelling between Italy and Cape Town in the last few years, Consuelo decided to found/establish Oscaffè, as she noticed that coffee culture and connoisseur are incredibly and constantly growing in South Africa. Therefore, she came with a vision to introduce high quality Arabica bean coffee coming from Brazil and bring the best beans Italian would use for their coffee blend or just as single origin. She already supplies many roasters in Italy but she decided to also take a new adventure in beautiful South Africa.