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Coffee has always been in between sobriety and subversion. From the 16th century, coffee houses in the Middle East where seen as a threat to religious life. In Europe, later, the temperance movement seized on coffee as a means of detoxing the working classes off alcohol.

The history of the actual bean though is straightforward. Coffee was first roasted in the Yemen in the 13th century, but may have been cultivated much earlier when the cherries (the fruit enclosing the beans) were fermented and drunk as wine.

Italian coffee has always been considered in years a great coffee by many. Even though coffee is not grown in Italy, Italians have perfected the art of roasting coffee to create the perfect espresso and espresso based beverages. In order to do so, the biggest and best Italian coffee roasters use Brazilian beans. Still today, Italian roasted coffee beans are the most appreciated worldwide. Therefore, get inspired by them and serve your customers a cup made of Oscaffè Brazilian beans. By doing so, you will offer them a true and excellent coffee, a pleasure they will want to fulfil every day of their life.

But how do you make the perfect cup of coffee?

Start with good ingredients.

Remember: a proper dose for a shot of espresso is 7 grams and should NOT exceed 9 grams
The Italian espresso is not bitter or burnt. It has a smooth and excellent crema, an enchanting aroma and it is always served in a porcelain cup to exalt the flavour.